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Are you looking for a powerful, effective and easy way to learn tool to heal and transform your life? I am honored to share this ancient healing system that I learned from the authors and founders of Egyptian Postures of Power Jason Quitt and Sandra Arnold. The Egyptian Postures of Power is my #1 self healing tool. 
The Egyptian Postures of Power utilizes sacred movements, postures and geometry to align with the harmonic resonance of universal energies. The postures cleanse, balance and align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to optimize your health, well being and personal growth and transformation.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about Egyptian Qi Gong.

My partner and I find Egyptian Qi Gong is wonderful for grounding and re-energizing after a long day at work as it helps shift the chaotic energy of the day into tranquility, allowing us to carry a more peaceful energy into further spiritual and self-healing practices. When we become 'too busy' to practice Egyptian Qigong, we will find ourselves frazzled and off-center; doing the 'Egyptian Postures of Power' practice quickly helps us to calm and center, releasing negative energies filling us with positive energy and light.

I would recommend the practice of Egyptian Qigong as a moving meditation to anyone looking towards enhancing their spiritual practice, especially with Kathleen as a teacher. Her yoga classes rock too! 
W. Paul Sert
Angela Found

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