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                PRIVATE COACHING 


                                           3 OPTIONS

1) Habit Success: Sustainable Success for Life & Business

Are you ready to upgrade your habits yet you have no idea where to start, how to build momentum and stay motivated?  I totally relate to this as I struggled for many years on a roller coaster ride of committed one day and non committed the next day.  it was exhausting and as I was all over the place and did not trust or believe in myself.  It was not until I 'got it' and committed to healthy habits that my life took a big leap forward and I felt truly empowered.  I sustained my success by making habits the foundation of my personal and business life.  And the cool thing is the better it gets the better it gets!

Who are you  becoming?  Your habits are your stepping stones to where you are headed and your future self. Are you aligned and clear on your vision? 

I am a Habit Success Coach supporting you in creating and sustaining success habits that work for you, your life and your work.  


3 months of coaching sessions
6 months coaching sessions
9 months coaching sessions
12 months coaching sessions

The more sessions you purchase the more you save. The more that you invest in yourself the faster you move forward towards your desires. 

Please contact  me at 519-476-0959 if you would like to know more about private coaching.  Spaces are limited.

2) Deliberately Design Your Amazing Life

Are you ready to step into the pilot's seat of your life and consciously create the life that you long for?  Do you want to live life on your terms, doing what you love, being with who you love and living where you love?  Can you connect with that feeling of having all that you desire and knowing that you are worthy and deserving of it?  How does that feel?  I would love to support and coach you in creating your heart's desires.

This coaching option is for 9 to 12 months in duration.

Please contact  me at 519-476-0959 if you would like to know more about private coaching.  Spaces are limited.


Navigating the Oceans of Emotions: 
Coaching for Intense Times

This is for when you feel saturated and overwhelmed with your life and there is a lot of turbulence in 'your ocean.'  It feels really uncomfortable and you do not have the time nor the mental or physical energy to arrange a retreat get away or travel and you just need to STOP and get centered and get perspective.  You are on overload, need a time out and support and guidance.  In this one day of 'all about you' we will use modalities such as the Law of Attraction, empowerment coaching, yoga, meditation, energy medicine and other tools and techniques that I have in my repertoire of skills.  Your day is custom designed specifically for you! 

I am very fortunate to know what I know and do what I do because when I experience turbulence I now STOP, I listen up, I feel the feeling and dive into the energy and process it and emerge renewed.  In the past I would have run very fast in the other direction as feeling emotions scared me.  The reason I was ill and my whole life collapsed was because I could not face my feeling and I had no skills to understand and learn from them.  They finally got my attention which is what they wanted all along. Feelings are OK! They are your messengers.  There are no bad or negative emotions there are just pleasant or unpleasant emotions.  Together they are your emotional guidance system.  Emotional mastery has changed and empowered me to create a whole new me and a whole new life.

I would love to empower you to gain perspective and understanding as you take time to care for your mind, body and soul.  You are worth it!

Please contact  me at 519-476-0959 if you would like to know more about a VIP day.  Spaces are limited.  

                       "I love,honor and take care of me."

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