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                          Kathleen WoodingtonB. Sc. O.T
                       Empowerment and Lifestyle Coach
                           Yoga and Meditation Teacher 

Empowerment and Lifestyle Coach Kathleen Woodington is the creator of the Let Your Lifestyle Be Your Medicine System.  She shows women who struggle with fatigue, depression and chronic illness, how to feel hope, experience more energy and step into their power.

Kathleen’s proven solutions are holistic, practical and effective. If you’re ready to feel better and get your life back on track, Kathleen’s your guide to the healthy, energetic and empowered woman you dream of being.  


Prior to hiring Kathleen, I was a busy single mom and a full-time career professional. I began suffering from depression and due to severe exhaustion was unable to work. Simple tasks had become virtually impossible, my energy vanished. This was the most serious health crisis I have ever experienced.

Kathleen began working quickly offering effective tools, wisdom and knowledge, and gave me the building blocks needed to put me back on the road to health.  

In a few weeks, I raised my energy, improved sleep and nutrition, and my mental and physical functioning improved.  With more techniques including yoga and meditation, I made larger gains incrementally but very quickly - mentally, spiritually, and physically.  

In fact, my return to health gathered so much momentum that I returned to work part time within 5 months and successfully completed a 200 km walking marathon and then returned to full time in 6 months!

It is truly remarkable how game-changing my recovery has been.  Without a doubt, this was not possible without Kathleen's teaching, guidance, and wisdom. She is my angel. I am looking forward to creating more marvelous possibilities as we continue working together.

Rebecca M. B.A. Urban Planner

Kathleen empowered me with tools to transform from a major depression and anxiety disorder to a balanced and resilient life. Kathleen is highly intuitive and always knows what I need to restore my emotional balance. For example, she provided me with coaching and a Yin/Restorative yoga practice followed by Yoga Nidra the day before writing my National Certification exam. I wrote my exam the next day feeling confident, focused and clear.  I passed with flying colours!

I believe that Kathleen's expertise as an Occupational Therapist, her knowledge of Energy Medicine, yoga, meditation, nutrition, mindfulness, Law of Attraction and her ability to live what she teaches is a perfect combination that has contributed to my resilienceI express my infinite gratitude to Kathleen.

Celia Hernandez PhD Kinesiology, OT Reg. (Ont.)

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