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                            ABOUT KATHLEEN

Kathleen Woodington, B. Sc. O.T. is a certified yoga teacher, CYT 300 hour and Certified Children's Yoga Teacher, CCYT 100 hour. She received her yoga teacher certification in 2011 at the Swami Vishu Yoga Center in London Ontario from Swami Nitya Kandath Nityamuktananda.

Kathleen came to yoga after a long career as an Occupational Therapist.  She brought her love for empowering others, meeting people where they were at and her commitment to the people she worked with into her yoga practice.

Kathleen's interest in yoga began on a winter's day in Stratford in 2000 when the ski bus heading to Collingwood was cancelled due to snow conditions.  She saw an add for a yoga class in a coffee shop, decided to take a yoga class, did the warrior pose and ' all the lights went on.'  There was an instantaneous deep connection to yoga.

Having experienced profound mind body self healing Kathleen is totally sold on the therapeutic benefits of yoga.  She describes her relationship with yoga as humbling, expansive and joyful. She is deeply grateful to all of her teachers and for this sacred practice which she views as a gift to humanity.

Developing a personal practice and living yoga in daily life was a dance that had many interesting twists and turns.  This relationship with yoga , with life continues to unfold and reveal deeper layers to Kathleen.  " That which is hardest for you to learn is what you will teach," sums it up.

Kathleen has also trained with Amy Weintraub and Tianne Allan and Hali Mc Quillan.  

Kathleen is honored to share her knowledge and joy of yoga through classes, workshops and private sessions. 

                  "What is required of me today?"

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