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Are you ready to access your power and live your greatness?

I believe that the most important relationship we have in our lives is our relationship with ourselves and with God.  Yup I used the God word.  Actually I use it a lot.  I also use source energy, the Divine, spirit, universal intelligence too.  It is all the same to me.  

Prior to being a Yoga Teacher and Law of Attraction Life Coach I had two former careers as health care professionals, the most recent one being an Occupational Therapist, O.T. Occupational Therapists work with all ages helping people to perform their activities of daily living and to increase their function within their environments.  Occupational Therapists are trained in both mental and physical health.  I have always loved helping people and being a contribution to others as this brings me joy and meaning to my life!  

Over the past 15 years I have learned multiple healing modalities, tools and techniques to heal and empower myself.  I choose to create a whole new me and a whole new life.... one that I love and feeds my mind, body and soul allowing me to stretch and grow into my greatness.  My life is rich, inspiring and expansive.  I teach what I learn and live to others from my heart.

You are the most powerful potent person in your world.  I would be honored and thrilled to empower you on your journey.
                            IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU

I empower people to live their greatness and to attain their personal, professional, financial and life goals by learning, applying and mastering the Law of Attraction.

  • Life Coaching closes the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be.
  • I support and guide you in creating your desires.

                             EMPOWERMENT COACHING

  • Raises your vibration.
  • Supports you in choosing to be a deliberate creator.

Law of Attraction coaching supports you in becoming fully you and creating what you desire in your life.

Now is the time to step into the driver's seat of your life. Let's dive in together to create the amazing life that you long for!

I offer a variety of coaching options to my clients. I work with clients one to one via private coaching sessions. Clients have an option of purchasing  3, 6, 9 or 12 months of coaching.

I also offer VIP days that are a one day intensive focusing on your main goal.  You set your intention of what you want to achieve and I design it and we co create together.  The VIP day also includes a follow up session.  Click on the Private Coaching tab on my home page for more information regarding private coaching.

Are you ready to bust through your blocks and create wealth and wellness?  What obstacles are keeping you stuck and frustrated? 

Connect with me via email at


Life Coaching with Kathleen has helped me immensely get through many blocks that I was experiencing in my life. I am an addict who has been in recovery for five years and I wanted to take my healing to the next level and thrive in my recovery. Kathleen has been a complete gift in my life. She used various techniques to help me grow to be the best me that I could possibly be. Kathleen never told me what to do, think or say.

Rather, she asked the right questions to help guide me towards reasonable, achievable goals . Kathleen has educated me in how to raise my vibration, recognize the skills that I have and how to take my skill set and put it into action. She has taught me how to value myself, how to let go of what no longer serves me and in doing so, how to manifest all that I deserve. With Kathleen, I have learned how to set my intentions. She has guided me into becoming more aware and to step into allowance and receive. Kathleen uses the Law of Attraction in her work with her clients.

I have spent decades working with psychotherapy and have made gains. However, in just 8 hours of working with Kathleen and using the many different strategies of the Law of Attraction, I have increased my abilities one hundredfold! I have learned to speak my truth in ways that I was never able to access before. In doing so, a whole new world and endless possibilities has opened up for me. My life has changed significantly as a result of working with Kathleen.It has far exceeded all of my expectations. I will be forever grateful for her gifts and guidance.   
Casey O'Brien

Through Kathleen's coaching I feel that I am finally attracting what I need to do, be, know and have. 

After the first session with Kathleen, I got a call saying I had been nominated as President-Elect of a group and then expected to be President the following year. I'm new to the area so there's no way they could know me well enough to know that I could do the job. I said YES because I thought maybe I'm already attracting what "I need to be" to have my ideal desire. 

After my second session with Kathleen on Abundance I received an unexpected inheritance! Wow! Did I have something to do with that? 

Kathleen guided me to be in vibration with what I desire in every area of my life. I'm amazed by her knowledge, insight, and ability to take my intention for the session and turn it in to a life changing event that moves me that much closer to my ideal desire."
Karen H.
South Carolina U.S.A.

Kathleen taught me several amazing techniques that gave me a much better perspective on my mind, body and spirit. I am more in-tune with my feelings, and often use the strategies she has taught me.  I feel empowered and at the same time a tremendous sense of calm.  I am able to relax my mind, wash away tension, stress and negativity through my sessions with Kathleen. She is a great coach and my life is better having worked with her! Thank you Kathleen! 
Kim Rainer
All About Spirit
Freedom, Wisconsin

Kathleen empowered me with tools to transform from a major depression and anxiety disorder to an balanced and resilient life. Kathleen is highly intuitive and always knows what I need to restore my emotional balance. For example, she provided me with coaching and a Yin/Restorative yoga practice followed by Yoga Nidra the day before writing my National Certification exam. I wrote my exam the next day feeling confident, focused and clear.  I passed with flying colours!

I believe that Kathleen's expertise as an Occupational Therapist, her knowledge of Pranic Healing, Yoga, Meditation, nutrition, mindfulness, Access Bars, Law of Attraction and her ability to live what she teaches is a perfect combination that has contributed re-born resiliency in me. I express my infinite gratitude to Kathleen.
Celia Hernandez
PhD Kinesiology, OT Reg. (Ont.)

Kathleen is a compassionate, kind and empowering totem of light. She listened deeply to the chaos that I was facing in my life and empowered me to take baby steps to start putting my life back together. I was in a very dark place when I met Kathleen and she helped me navigate through the darkness to find the light that I thought had been lost. She helped me become aware of my current situation and how to rebuild my foundation. She empowered me to create balance in my life and connect to my inner peace in the midst of a very chaotic time in my life.
Priestess Melanie McGuffin Lum

I wasfortunate to find the treasure of Kathleen Woodington during a google search for a coach. Never having hired a coach before, I was not entirely sure what I was looking to accomplish. What I did know is that my coach would have to 'get' me.

As a lifelong student of personal growth and development with many varies interests, I desired a coach to join me on my journey and hold me accountable for the changes I say I want to implement.

Kathleen takes listening to a depth that I rarely experience in my daily work/life communication. She has a keen intuition and can softly hit the bulleye by asking just the right question to help me shift out of my own way and into ACTION.  I highly recommend inviting Kathleen to join you on your journey as your coach too!
Lori P. Florida

                          WELLNESS COACHING

I help you create solid lifestyle habits that support you in your activities of daily living so that you feel vibrant, confident and calm.  Learn to live skillfully as you listen to your intuition and body and trust yourself.  

I had abused drugs and alcohol for many decades and as a result I had developed some very dismal eating habits. I have been in recovery for five years having done significant work on myself emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. I knew that I need to do a major over haul in my life in regards to my physical body and learn healthy nutrition and eating habits. As a sixty year old woman, I had absolutely no skills or experience in the kitchen and every time I thought about this I was filled with fear. Kathleen has been a God send to me. She never once judged me or made me feel incompetent. Instead, Kathleen empowered me and actually was able to get me to a place where I no longer feared the kitchen. We spent time in the kitchen cooking together while all along I was learning about food, cooking , nutrition and food preparation. Kathleen intuitively knew how much information to share with me, making sure that I was never overwhelmed with information overload. It is no small miracle that after many decades I am now preparing healthy, creative meals and am enjoying it. My experiences with Kathleen have been so much fun! Kathleen has helped me replace my "fears with food" and turned it into "fun with food!" Thank you Kathleen from the bottom of my heart...and my stomach!!! 
Casey O'Brien

You are the angel I was waiting for, for the longest time,
As a young single mother of 3, it  has been very challenging to take time for myself and specially for my health. Since I notice that creating good habits and making positives changes in my live was very challenging. After spending thousands of dollars in personal growth program; as an unlimited being I decided to put my intention into the universe to find solution to all my health frustrations. 

When I got in contact with my angel I knew right away that my divine was answering my prayers of over 15 years. I had chronic fatigue and other weird symptoms, going to see doctors was a waste of time, money and I use to come out of the doctors office even more frustrated because they make me look like I was crazy for having symptoms that was not showing up in blood test. 
In my first coaching session with Kathleen I learned so much and go solutions for.......OMG all my issues, with her help I even started looking for a holistic doctor. I felt so bless to find the must amazing doctor who found solution to my chronic fatigue and emotional
issues that was affecting many of my organs.
Thanks to Kathleen I changed my eating habits and in just 2 month I started feeling better than ever before, like a whole new person. 
Being able to sleep throughout the night is just amazing. I feel full of energy, very productive, calm sense of peace.

For the first time in my live I have been accomplishing great habits, and finishing everything I start.
Thank you Kathleen for being a unique coach, thank you for breaking through from all your health challenges which gave you so much wisdom to make a huge impact in so many peoples' lives.
My next desire is to meet you in person.
Love and Light  
Liza Rodriquez
New York City

    I help you access your power, create your desires and
          accelerate your success in all areas of your life!

      Live your life like your life depends, because it does!

     "I vow to awaken from the dream of separation and illusion, 
       To embrace my greatness and to be free.
       May all beings awaken and may all being be free."

       Kathleen Woodington B. Sc. O.T. , CYT,
       Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach

    "What is right about me that I am not getting?"     

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