MY STORY

Getting sick saved my life.

Because this is where my journey began. 

By facing a complete breakdown, including the loss of my health (mental and physical), my career as an Occupational Therapist, my relationships, my savings… and most of all I LOST ME.

On my journey from loss to love I’ve discovered the following:

Joy, peace, confidence, and a deep love for myself and for life.

With a unique blend of yoga, meditation, life coaching and energy medicine, I was able to create a life that I love.  Not just when I “feel good”, but even during the hard moments.

It was in losing everything that I found myself.

During my healing journey, I resolved that no one should feel as alone and powerless as I did during my darkest hours.  That if I could help just one person that was stuck like me, then it would be my life's work empowering and supporting others on their journey to wholeness.  No one is meant to do this alone.  

Over the past several decades, I have learned multiple healing modalities, tools and techniques to heal and empower myself.  I chose to create a whole new me and a whole new life.... one that is authentic and nourishes my mind, body and soul. My life is rich, inspiring and expansive. I know, speak and live my truth. I want that for you.

It’s been said "That which is hardest for you to learn is what you will teach," this sums up my life and I am honored to share these lessons with you.  

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