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              Kathleen Woodington

   Empowerment and Lifestyle Coach


Where you create the life of your dreams!

Kathleen offers customized solutions that are holistic, practical and effective.

Some of the ways you may choose to work with her include:

Yoga Classes
Meditation Classes
In person & Online Workshops
Group Coaching Programs 
Individual Coaching Program

If you’re ready to feel better and get your life back on track, Kathleen’s your guide to the energetic and empowered person that you dream of being.



I help you create solid lifestyle habits that support you in your activities of daily living so that you feel vibrant, confident and calm.  Learn to live skillfully as you listen to your intuition and body and trust yourself.  

I came to Kathleen's course with deep childhood trauma that has been a major contributor to my difficulties in managing my daily life and relationships. I have been suffering panic/anxiety, agoraphobia and memory loss on a daily basis for my whole life and disabled to the point of requiring a Service Dog to assist me in my daily needs.
Through working with Kathleen I have been able to learn concrete tools through meditation that have given me the strength and courage to face those emotions and negative body sensations in a really manageable way. Easy tools that I’m able to use anytime when I start to feel triggered and need to process those feelings and memories. And a daily routine of meditation techniques to keep the system functioning smoothly. 

This has lowered my anxiety thresh hold which has increased my over all health and sense of well being. Also, I was able to experience the power of group support by doing this kind of trauma healing in a very caring group setting. Which for me, was a really big step forward.
Through Kathleen's teachings, guidance and support, I've experienced as much healing as I experienced in 5 years of Trauma Therapy. Its been that transforming for me. I know I will continue to benefit because I've learned how to make these techniques work for me. They are now there whenever I need them. This has really increased how much more relaxed, confident, safe and empowered I feel in my own skin. 
Kathleen creates a safe, nurturing group environment for all her participants. She demonstrates loving compassion and empathy. Is able to explain how the biological body is connected to the spiritual body through meditation in a way that is easy to understand and practice on our own. All this without asking anyone to suspend their own beliefs. Kathleen is wonderfully inclusive, respectful, boundried and very knowledgeable about working with the somatic symptoms of severe trauma especially for those suffering with PTSD or PTSD-DID. 
I would recommend to anyone who is wanting and or needing a greater depth of healing from trauma, panic or anxiety to work with Kathleen. 
Kj Voth                 

After collaborating with Kathleen in a Master Mind group, I was drawn to her happiness. I loved how she embraced joy in everything she did while being authentic about the challenges she encountered in life and business. I wanted to know more, so I signed up for her coaching program with the intent to explore and develop new habits to create a more joyful and abundant life and business mindset. 
The custom program that Kathleen created for me, was centered on understanding and addressing my needs while exposing me to new tools and practices. Her coaching was the right mix of support and challenge to foster my personal growth. Being an engineer, I always wanted to know “how things worked”. Kathleen was always willing to address my questions and curiosity about the new practices. 
I have developed new habits that create a more joyful and abundant lifestyle. People have noticed I’m happier and more at ease with what each day brings my way. I am very grateful to Kathleen for sharing her knowledge and being such a compassionate and professional coach during my journey.
Judi Cowell, President
Blue Arroyo Partners, Inc.


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