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I work with clients one to one for one year periods and have 3 coaching options to choose from. 

Before I began my journey with Kathleen, I was suffering effects of depression and PTSD.  With Kathleen's patient support and guidance, I have learned how to activate, and raise my energy by applying daily practices and coping techniques as needed.  These new habits have promoted my own self-awareness, and have increased my well-being, healing, and personal growth.  I am now able to identify what is blocking me and how to work through it.  I have a better understanding of my own resistance to change, with a wide variety of tools at my disposal to conquer resistance in healthy sustainable ways. 
Kathleen radiates an abundance of love, energy, and joy - she authentically lives her truth. This is what inspires me to continue my journey with her as my coach.  If you are seeking a custom program geared to your needs to make meaningful, transformative changes for yourself, I highly recommend hiring Kathleen. 
Rebecca M. B.A. Urban Planner

Please contact  me at 519-476-0959 if you would like to know more about private coaching.  

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    "What is right about me that I am not getting?"     

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