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                    YOGA AND MEDITATION
Kathleen believes in connection, community and 'kindness to self' and cultivates these components into her yoga classes.  Classes are small, nuturing, joyful and inspire students into greater possibilities. Students receive individual attention.  
Attendees describe yoga with Kathleen as a delicious blend of yoga, mindfulness, self-care and empowerment. No matter what your body type and whether or not you are a novice or a seasoned yoga lover these yoga classes will take you to a new level of wellness.

Yoga is not about being good at something. Yoga is about being good to you!  Zoe Bray Cotton

RENEW AND RELAX YOGA: Rebalance your nervous system and release stress from your mind and body. Cultivate self healing and awareness through yin (longer held poses targeting the hips and spine), restorative poses (supported poses) and gentle hatha yoga.  I refer to this class as 'Yoga Medicine' as it supported me in my own healing process and continues to be the foundation of my own personal yoga practice. 

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching Tuesday evenings in addition to Thursday evenings starting September 4 and September 6th, 2018!


Session 1:  September 4 through to October 9                       6  weeks $120.00/person

Session 2:  October 16- November 20                                        6  weeks $120.00/person

Session 3:  November 26 December 18                                     4  weeks $80.00/person


Session 1: September 6 through to October 11                       6  weeks $120.00/person

Session 2: October 18 -November 22                                        6  weeks $120.00/person

Session 3: November 29- December 20                                     4  weeks $80.00/person

I have a few spots available in both the Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  To register please contact me at 519-476-0959 or via email at

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat, a blanket and water bottle. 

Activity Room, 10 Beechwood Place, Old South, London
South on Richmond past Labatts Brewery.
Turn right on Carfrae just after the bridge and then turn left and go down the hill into the complex. Park any where outside.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Arrive at least 10 minutes to set up your mat and settle into the space.  A health waiver must be signed prior to attending your first yoga class.

Contact Kathleen at 519-476-0959 or to register for the above mentioned classes.

Meditation Testimonials:

"After taking the "Mindfulness Meditation" course, I am better at managing my stress levels and living in the moment. I highly recommend this course to anyone!
Barbara V.

"I have been wanting to learn about and start meditation for a long time, but wasn't ready for the commitment until recently. I'm so glad my friend and I chose Kathleen's "Mindfulness Meditation" class. Kathleen's introduction to this practice, suggested resources and positive ways were very welcoming and encouraging. Kathleen stressed that the practice, not perfection was the goal and that we all had it in us. We did and what an eclectic group we were! Meditation carries benefits for everyone.

I am motivated to expand on my experience and it is Kathleen's guidance, knowledge and Being that launched my voyage of self discovery.  You can be sure I will be signing up for future courses with Kathleen Woodington.
Margrit J.

   "How good can I feel today?"           
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